What Would You Do For Love?

enhanced-buzz-8185-1386706751-0Bob Carey’s wife, Linda, loves to laugh.  She also has cancer.

Bob is a photographer who travels all over the world for his profession and Bob had a really great idea.  He wanted to keep the laughter in Linda’s life as she was battling this disease and, perhaps, do some good for others in the process.

Together they began ‘The Tutu Project’.  His idea was to put a little bit of magic into situations where it would be unexpected.  As Bob travels around the world, he dons the pink tutu and steps into the scene for a photograph.

The places he’s done this are so varied and cool:  amusement parks, subway stations, fields of cows, and even the Lincoln Memorial.  Bob has become an accidental celebrity. Linda shares the photos with her fellow chemo patients and brings a little laughter to what would, otherwise, be a horrible day.

The Carey’s have started a website on which you can purchase these photos – the proceeds of which go to breast cancer organizations. For more photos and info, go to thetutuproject.com.


I asked you what you would do for love?  I can’t imagine a better way to heal a soul than with love and laughter.

Bob totally wins.  Linda wins too.

See their interview here:


One thought on “What Would You Do For Love?

  1. Stories like this definitely show the challenge that comes when we vow “for better and for worse.” I saw that vid on YouTube several times but didn’t watch it. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for calling attention to true love.

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