Mooned Over

Andy-Williams-2When I was a little girl, I loved to watch the Andy Williams Christmas Specials.

There really aren’t any shows on today that are comparable.  Simple, great singing, a little dancing, a little hokey…I loved them and I had a crush on Andy Williams.

Something about the music and skits were comforting and very Christmas-y in my young mind – they are still fun to watch and they still make me happy.

I remember watching Andy and his three brothers singing together – four brothers in harmony.  I grew up to have four sons of my own.  How fun that must have been for their family.

One year he introduced a young group of brothers named Osmond.  We all know that name, one in particular.  While Donny wasn’t included at first, little girls everywhere soon were mooning over him.  I know I did.  Unfortunately for Andy, Donny soon won out.

Yet, even after all these years, Andy Williams still holds a special place in my heart.  I still love to hear his songs and watch his old shows.

He was a national treasure – one of the greatest voices of our time and an overall nice guy. Guess I did pretty well choosing my crush.

Here’s a look back at a clip from one of his shows.  Enjoy…


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