It’s not uncommon to see ads in print and on television that regale us with dramatic “before and after” stories. Those exciting shows about weight loss transformations – all wrapped up in an hour or so.  Everyone loves the “after”…no one talks about “during”.

The hardest time of any process is “during”.  We all want to get to the end and have the hard work behind us, the problem is that we must go through the trials and tribulations to reach the glory side of things.

We are currently living in the midst of mud.  We purchased a cute little bungalow in the winter when all the blemishes of the landscape were covered with a blanket of white, sparkly snow.  Well, the snow has since melted and we are left with mud.

There are a lot of great analogies in this story, but the one that really sticks out in my mind is the way we forget the “during” part.   It’s why women give birth to more than one child – it’s actually the only way, in my humble opinion.  We need to dwell on the positives of live and move on to the next challenge with determination and a, somewhat, revisionist history of how hard things previously were.

So as we begin this transformation, don’t be surprised to hear a lot about mud and rocks and bricks and sod.  I apologize in advance but I’m giving you fair warning.

I’m awaiting the rumble of trucks to deliver the bobcat and the rocks and sand – while I do, here’s a good before.  I’m actually looking forward to the “during”.






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