11741660_1_lA few months ago, I was at a thrift shop with a friend and I came across a vintage travel trunk.  It’s not the kind that went on a ship, but the larger-than-a-suitcase variety.  What drew me to it were the many stickers of faraway places which covered it.

When I was young, my family traveled for the purpose of visiting family.  No Disneyland or Grand Canyon – mainly Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Now, I love my family and the memories spent with my many cousins are treasured times…but I always wanted more.  I wanted to see the ocean and travel to exotic far-away places. Chalk it up to wanderlust.

As I looked at the stickers on the trunk, I realized that it has traveled more than I ever have. Time to change that.

There are people in my life who don’t care to travel, home is best for them, and I respect their choice.  However, I want to see how many stamps I can get on my passport while I am able to travel.  The world is so amazing and filled with wonderful things – I want to see them first-hand, not just in a book or on television.  I want to touch, smell and taste the sights of places like Tahiti and Paris and Rome.

Now I’m not complaining, we’ve gone to some amazing places and hope to return – London, Jamaica, Mexico, The Dominican Republic – but there are so many more to see. Our next stop will be Aruba.  Can’t wait. I wish there were still stickers affixed to our luggage to show the places we’ve been.  I’m sure someone complained about their “goods being damaged” which did away with such a nostalgic tradition.  *Sigh*

I sure wish that old trunk could go with us – although I’d have to find the key first – but oh, the places it’s been and the stories it could tell.


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