Each One Reach One

103862803There’s an African-American proverb that says, “Each One, Teach One.”  It originated back in the days of slavery and referred to the time when slaves were denied education. There was a movement among the people to help spread literacy, hence the saying. They all had to be involved, they had to help others face-to-face in order to meet their goals.

That being said, I’m altering it just a little bit today.  I’d like say, Each One, Reach One.

I was in a group recently in which the leader had us close our eyes and imagine the others in the room.  To feel their presence around us.  It was to remind us that we’re not alone, we’re in this together and we need each other.

It’s very easy, in today’s world, to become an “island”.  With all the false connections we need at the touch of a keyboard or the press of a button on the remote, it’s easy to feel less isolated than we’ve become.

My challenge today is to reach out to someone whom you know has created an island for themselves.  Give them a call, drop them a note, go and visit them.  Let them know that you are reaching out because you care.  Let them know they’re not alone in this world, even when they believe they might be.

We are becoming more and more isolated while the world, with all of our advanced technology, is actually becoming smaller and smaller.  We should use the technological advances to reach out and, well, touch someone – not to push ourselves further into a hole.

Let’s be mindful of the children who watch us.  They have never known a world without computers, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, DirecTV, etc.  We need to remind them that there’s a great big world out there – a real world – and it’s filled with people from whom they can learn things and they can teach things.  Make sure your actions support your words.

So, gauntlet thrown – each one, reach one.  Signing off now so I can do as I say.




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