The Sound of Feelings

o-JACKSON-EMOTIONAL-facebookThe author Georgia Cates wrote, “Music is what feelings sound like out loud.  I sing songs that speak from my heart.  They tell my story, how I feel.”

I can relate.  Sometimes I cannot find my own words for a particular situation I find myself in, but I can always find a song.  Somehow, it’s as if the lyricist and composer were peeking into my window, into my heart and together they pulled out just what I felt and could not verbalize.

This little boy in the picture is named Jackson.  Jackson learned, at the young age of 4, how music stirs a soul.  A man, that I imagine to be his dad, is filming Jackson’s reaction to the song, “Say Something” by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera.  I totally get it, Jackson. This one makes me cry too.

This is one of those songs that strikes a chord.  It’s heartbreakingly  simple, yet profound in it’s tune and lyric.  Give it a listen and cry along with Jackson.



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