What a Card

1334495544376_6165122Way back in 1994, someone came up with the great idea of e-cards.  “I know!  Rather than actually taking the time to choose a card at Hallmark, write a sentiment inside and mail it – I’ll just basically send an email with a picture.  That should suffice!”

In response to this somewhat tacky, yet widely accepted, form of correspondence, Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell came up with a site that parodied the traditional e-card.  It’s called Someecards.com and it’s pretty hilarious. (They also can be found with the “yourecards” logo.)  If you haven’t seen them yet, you must not be on facebook much.  That or your friends aren’t very funny – you choose.

Now, if you are one to be easily offended, skip it.  It takes the traditional Hallmark-like greeting and turns it on its head – oftentimes at the expense of good taste.

Here are few of my less offensive favorites:

  • For your somewhat compulsive loved-ones…



  • For that special friend that understands your weird sense of humor…



  • For the grammar police in your life…



  • From that husband who doesn’t mind having a lonely evening…




  • And last, but not least, possibly the most factual ecard ever…



Now I expect to see a plethora of funny things appear on Facebook later today.  E-cards are okay too.



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