What I meant was…

3bd3c857a585d9fcf44f344c4cad308fAs a mother of four grown sons, I am always seeking ways to impart the things I have learned in life to them.  Sometimes I am more successful in being heard than other times.

I am writing this in the hopes that, since it is on-line, it may have more credence.  Here’s hoping…

Dear Sons,

There are a few things about the special woman in your life that you really must know in order to live a happy and peaceful life with her.  You may decide to ignore my advice, do whatever you want.

  • If she ever asks you if something makes her look fat, the answer is always “no”.
  • What’s important to her is not your title, the money you earn or your power…it’s your presence.
  • If you ask her what’s wrong and she says “nothing” – she’s lying.  Trust your instincts.
  • If you are blessed with children someday, the best thing you can ever do for them is to love their mother.  They’ll be watching.
  • When things get stressful in life, nothing helps diffuse the situation like a good sense of humor.  Have one. Use it often, but never cruelly.
  • Someday you may notice hair on her lip – never, ever, ever call it a mustache.  Ever.
  • When you are asked by her (and you will be asked) “Which of my friends do you think are hot?” The correct answer is “None”.
  • When she is having an argument with a friend or her mother, always take her side.
  • Make dinner for her now and again.  Better yet, surprise her by taking her out.
  • Even after you are married, always keep “date night”…it’s important to her.
  • Tell her about your day.  Don’t say, “You wouldn’t understand” or “You don’t know any of the people anyway”.  She wants to know because she loves you and wants to be involved in your day.
  • Don’t ever take her love for granted.  Love is promised, but it also must be deserved.  Always tell her you love her – even if you think she knows already.  It’s nice to hear.  And if she says, “I love you”, do not answer with “You too”.
  • Love her family.  Don’t criticize them. They are a part of her and will be important to your children.
  • Lastly, never forget to call your mother often.  She loves you and needs to know that you are okay.  And when she says, “I love you”, don’t answer with “You too”.

Peace Out.


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