Stand Up! Speak Up!

Taped Mouth

“If I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity.”
– Albert Einstein

I was sitting in a crowd.  I was listening to the absurd phrases being carelessly cast about and hurled in anger.  I could physically feel the hate serpentine through the room.  My legs would no longer allow me to remain seated.  Marionette-like, I stood.  I knew it was time to speak up.

This has only happened to me a few times in life.  If you know me at all, I’m generally not one to make a lot of noise.  I try to use reason, I try to calm the waters.  But not this time.

When we look into the face of injustice and hear it spewing forth dressed as truth and justice, we must not remain silent.  When those who are being defamed are not there or not able to speak up for themselves, we who love them must speak up.

There are also times in which we are called to stand alone.  Most people have seen this picture taken in early June, 1989.  It was taken by photographer Jeff Widener from a 6th floor balcony overlooking Tiananmen Square in China.  This particular man had simply had it. He could no longer sit quietly and watch injustice taking place.  He stood up and, as he did, took his place in history.

In the wake of violent action taken against protesters, he stood peacefully in the way of those that would harm more.  He simply could not help himself.


Most of us will never face such a dramatic choice.  We will each; however, face the choice of whether to remain silent or to speak up.  When you feel your legs moving to stand, as if on their own volition…by all means, STAND!  Speak up!

You will never regret standing up or speaking up for what is good and what is right.  You will forever regret the times you failed to do so.


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