Lessons From A Sunflower


(For a friend who loves sunflowers)

There are days when life simply becomes unbearable…uneasy.  Hard days when the soul is in a state of unrest.  Indescribable days.

Perhaps it’s the winter doldrums, perhaps not.  Perhaps it’s the lack of warmth in the air that makes everything feel a little less friendly…a little less secure.  On those days we would be wise to follow the example of the sunflower.

As the sunflower grows, it inherently follows the sun. It’s how they were made. From the sun, it acquires the energy which is needed to grow deep roots and to allow it to reach its intended height. It is from that foundation that it is able to stand strong against the winds that life blows its way.

Sunflowers seek to face the direction which allows them the greatest opportunity for growth.  Once mature, the sunflower not only offers shade, but also seeds of hope and nurture for those who hunger.

The bible tells us that God provides whatever is needed, even for the birds of the air, and aren’t you much more valuable?  Indeed you are. The warmth is coming…hope is near.  So turn your face toward the light.

And on these days of shadows, remember you also were made to seek the Son.


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