School Closings – Cold Weather Entertainment

tv-school-closingsAs you may have heard, it’s been unusually cold here in the Midwest.  The meteorologists and headline creators have run out of clever names and have given in to the fact that it’s just plain cold.

Watching the morning news is interesting.  Of course they must have the obligatory “reporter standing outside” shots.  Why they do this while warning us to stay inside is beyond me.  I guess it’s our equivalent of a hurricane live shot. Either that or it’s the sacrifice of one for many.  Haven’t decided which.

I remember back when I was young, watching TV or listening to the radio to hear that our district had been closed.  It was like winning the lottery if our district was included. With the weather we’ve been having, it would be much easier if they would just show the schools which have (for some reason) decided to remain open.

A side benefit of the scrolling school names at the bottom of the screen is that I get a laugh now and again.  Some of the school names are puzzling while also being quite humorous.  As you see in the photo at the top of the post, there is no a.m. Little Pirates. Poor pirates, now what will they do? Join me in the top 10 – won’t you?

  • Cosmos Learning Center – Always wonder what Kramer did after Seinfeld ended. Apparently he moved to Minnesota and opened a Learning Center. Imagine the staff hairdos!
  • Holy Redeemer, Risen Christ and Holy Trinity are closed today.  Well that’s depressing.  Even God won’t go out in this weather.
  • Kipp Stand Academy –  I can’t even guess.
  • MN Renaissance School – Huzzah and anon! We shall see thee on the morrow.
  • St. John, St. Paul and St. George – all closed.  Even St. Jude is closed.  (Hey Jude, give Ringo some respect.)
  • Beards District – Not sure I want to see those class pictures..  You know, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”
  • Twin Cities ARISE!…CLOSED.  *sigh*
  • Life Prep School – Well now, if ever a school should be open…
  • Love Works – Unless it’s really cold outside.
  • And lest ye fret about those Little Pirates – Pillager District is also closed.  That should give them both something to do.

May the forced air be with you.


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