71274331Another frigid day in the tundra.  Forecasts of blizzards and horrifying windchills drive me to seek warmth.

I have a good friend who is a wonderful motivator.  She gets me to go out in the cold to do all sorts of fun and adventurous things, but the only thing on the agenda today was the steam room at the health club.

We made our way into the club, shivering to beat the band.  Shaking off cold of this magnitude takes time.

Soon we were towel wrapped, oil laden and ready for some warmth.

As we entered the billowy clouds of steam, the cares of the day disappeared.  It should be a rule that every northern home must have a steam room.  I’m pretty sure I’d give up a walk-in closet to have one.  No…I’m positive.

To sit there amidst the wisps of steam…to laugh and joke about fleeing to someplace warm and tropical…it builds bonds.  As other women came and went, they too were looking for a respite from this polar vortex.

We left feeling relaxed and renewed and re-hydrated – all good things.

As the door to the real world opened, the snow blew at us in mini cyclones of flakiness.  It was okay.  We were warm once again.



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