The Things We Do For Children

458908779Recently, a friend posted an awesome story. I hadn’t heard this story before, but it’s the kind of news I’m always hoping to hear.

There’s a fantastic hospital in the Twin Cities – Children’s Hospital.  They have a wonderful person working for them who is titled  the “art and healing coordinator”.  Sounds like an awesome job, no?

The coordinator spoke to some friends at ACME Window Cleaning with a plan.  Here’s the result…



The windows needed cleaning and the children needed a bit of happiness added to their very difficult days.  As the children looked outside, what did they see?




And this…



The best part is that Children’s Hospitals all over the country did the very same thing.

When our children are hurting, all we wish for is to take their pain away.  Since we are not able to do that – making them smile is the next best thing.  A huge “Way to go!” to all of those involved.  The things we do for children – yours, mine, everyone’s – matters.  It leaves an imprint on their wonderful little hearts.  Make them good imprints.

Here’s hoping for many more news stories like this one.


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