It’s What Inside That Counts

186805788The sharpened point of an ordinary pencil measures 1 millimeter in thickness.  The epidermal layer of the human skin, the layer which contains skin color, measures less than that.  Interesting.

Just imagine…civil wars have been fought over something that is thinner than the thickness of each of the millions of individual letters used to defend or abolish the mistreatment of fellow humans.

It seems fitting that this comes to mind today, Martin Luther King Day.

While watching a travel show about Hawaii, I discovered a new tree.  It’s officially my favorite tree now.  Here it is…

Nature walk - awesome tree trunk bark - a walk in the park - trees IMG_1195


Hmm.  You say.  Not so special?  Well the beauty and uniqueness of this tree lies just below the surface. About the width of a pencil lead.  Here’s what’s beneath the thin bark – no Photoshop involved…




This is the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree. The outside hides the beauty within, but it was there all along.  When we judge people because of their skin color, their accent, or the way they dress, we are judging them by the thinnest part of who they are.  We are missing out on the wonderful traditions and stories they have to share.  We are missing out on wonderful hearts and minds due to 1 millimeter of difference.

Think long and hard about that one.  The beauty that lies beneath is there for the finding. And remember…your beauty lies beneath too!


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