WP_20140119_002January 19, 1934.

This is a day that is central to my life and the life of our family, you see, this is the day my mom was born.  It’s impossible to believe that she’s 80.  She seems decades younger, as many will attest.

Barbara Joan (Guadagno) Cardille is the 5th of 9 children – right in the middle of things, just the way she loves it.  She’s a person who loves people, and people love her right back.

Mom has always been an adventurous person.  She doesn’t put limits on herself and, because of that, was one of the first female managers for IBM/Service Bureau.  She excels at the things she attempts, well…except for meatloaf.


My brother and I have always marveled at mom’s truisms, “You know candle smoke creates spider webs” and “air guns just shoot air”.  She constantly keeps us entertained with her stories and her laughter.  We have a great mom and sometimes we call her Esmeralda.  Esmeralda was our “safe word” in case we were ever in trouble.  Seems appropriate that our mom share the name associated with a safe place.

Over the years mom selflessly cared for our four sons so that I could work.  She has taken us on trips and has spent countless hours with her grandsons, which they will never forget as long as they live.


So happy birthday, Esmeralda, we love you beyond words.  And if any of you are ever shopping at the Apple Valley Target store, tell her “hi” – you can always find her on lane 5 and she’d love to see you.


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