Angel’s Share

181225920When distilleries age their spirits in oak barrels, a portion of the wine or other spirit that is contained is lost to evaporation. This is called the “angel’s share”.

I love that term – it speaks to me in ways that have nothing to do with alcohol whatsoever.

As we live our lives, there are certain moments in which we shine.  Moments in which we are at our very best.  Those moments are often fleeting and ethereal in their feel. Holy moments which seem a bit too perfect for this world.

I like to think that those moments are the “angel’s share” of our lives.  Moments that are sent up to heaven with such a sweet scent to them that, surely, it must be pleasing to God.

Oftentimes, we fail to see the purity of the moment until it has passed and we are reflecting back upon it.  When such moments come, I feel humbled and honored and grateful to have been able to offer a bit of my life up in such a way.

Another thing about such times is that they cannot be planned.  They arise and leave like the breath of a baby on the cheek of a mother.  They are gifts.  Watch for them.




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