Spider-Man-2-Parker-House-rental-translite-night-Richard-Lund-50X20As I drive through the city at night, I imagine all the stories taking place behind the windows aglow with soft light.

I am only able to peer into each one for a moment, but as I do, I wonder about the people inside.  Are they celebrating?  Are they mourning?  Are they laughing?  Are they lonely?

Every day is the same in one respect – we share a date on the calendar and the 24 hours allotted to it.  For each one of us, the days have their own flavor.  On the day we are celebrating an achievement, another family down the street is trying to figure out what to do next as they lose a job.

It’s the yin and yang of life – ebb and flow – giveth and taketh away.

This is exactly why we must take those days of happiness and celebration and hold them close.  We must treasure them up and dust them off on those days of hardship and sadness so we can remember better times and the promise of better days ahead.

Some days, when life is going well, I begin to worry.  Is it too good?  Do I deserve this life? Then the days of hardship come and I realize that they are necessary too.  The bitter days are balanced out with the sweetest ones.  It’s what’s makes life…life.

Out of the darkness of night, my own windows appear.  It’s good to be home where I am always welcomed, no matter how my day went.  It’s my safe place, my harbor, my nest.  And as I drift off to sleep I think of the ones behind the other windows who are not feeling so safe and welcomed.

I close my eyes and I pray.


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