83987536Handshake. Hand on a bible. Crossing one’s heart.

These things are all symbolic of giving one’s word to follow through on an agreement.  We also have written agreements which have been created and tweaked by countless lawyers which are meant to protect the best interest of parties involved.  Sometimes they are simply created to allow loopholes. Loopholes are the adult equivalent of a child saying, “I had my fingers crossed, so it doesn’t count.”

As I’ve recently written, we are in the search for a new home.  We have the benefit of having a close friend as our realtor/representative and she has taught us so much.  It’s been many years since we’ve had to go through this process – I dislike it.  What I dislike the most are the games being played by the home sellers.

When a purchase agreement is made and signed, that should be that.  It’s not.  Apparently there are many loopholes and “outs” they have in case a better offer comes along.  While I understand the desire to make the most profit from the sale of a home, what I don’t understand is sacrificing your honor to do so.  Greed wins.

As I was mulling this over last night, these words came to me:  Greed is a very dangerous lion. Just when you think you think you have it tamed, it eats you.

Call it karma, call it what goes around comes around…but I have peace in knowing that what we sign will be on our honor.  That whomever we buy from will have our word.

As the bible teaches, the WORD itself, “Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no’.

So simple a child can understand it.



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