It’s a Small World After All

Its_a_Small_WorldMay I begin by apologizing for the ear worm so early on a Monday morning.  May I add that Walt Disney was correct.

Funny thing about social media – it not only connects us to world events instantly, it also allows us to learn how connected to each other we truly are.  Over the years I’ve been on Facebook, it’s not uncommon to learn of a previously unknown connection between friends and family.

Just the other day I learned that my new, good friend is connected to several of my long-time school friends and neighbors.  Small world indeed.  Then I learned that a high school friend is connected with my childhood babysitter.  Again, small world.

Teachers, employers, favorite vacation spots – all shared without our previously knowing.

I love when life comes full circle like that.  It shows us that we aren’t so different after all.  It shows us that, as we float through space on this beautiful orb, we aren’t as unique as we’d like to think.  It also brings us closer in an age when face-to-face contact is no longer the norm.

To be vacationing in Florida, visiting the Magic Kingdom, and hearing your name shouted across the throngs of people – small world.  So it seems quite appropriate to have chosen Disney’s iconic ride and song to illustrate my point.

Last bit of connectivity…I bet everyone who reads this knows the words to that song.



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