La Mia Famiglia

Once upon a time, a family named Guadagno took a chance and moved to America from their home in Italy.


They had a son named William.  William is my grandpa. William met and married Frances Hess and together they had 9 wonderful children. My mom was number 5, right in the middle. The family took the Americanized name of Cardille and that is the family name today.


This family of ours is truly a gift in my life.  I grew up with dozens of cousins and most summer vacations were spent at a wonderful place called “Aunt Jean’s Cottage”.  It was on Lake Erie – still is –  to me it was paradise.  Still is.





The legacy of William and Frances is the true story of how the love of two can grow into this family tree filled with branches and leaves that number in the hundreds.  We try to get together when the opportunity arises, but Facebook is the place we most often meet up. There we are able to see photos of each family and share news, both good and bad, with each other.


I don’t believe there’s another family like this one, mainly because this one is mine.  It is a big part of my heart, a part of my life that I will always treasure. I believe this is because my grandmother valued family above all else.  She instilled this in her children, and they in their children and now we, in ours.


In this day of  transience, it’s nice to know that there are still anchors in life.  This wonderful, crazy, loving, giving Italian family is mine.  Lucky me.



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