The Way We Never Were

200316042-001As we are well aware, today’s society gives an unreasonable amount of honor to those who are deemed “beautiful”.

I am so grateful that I was a young girl back in the days when Dorothy Hamill was someone that little girls aspired to be like.  Athletic, kind, cute in the all-American way and successful due to years of hard work.

Today’s little girls have a strange assortment of women to aspire to be.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are certainly a few great examples to look up to – but for the most part, they are pressured to look up to wafer thin models and airbrushed celebrities.

Here are few, unattainable examples they are aspiring to look like.  Unattainable because even these women, themselves, don’t look like this.

There’s a Russian makeup artist named Vadim Andreev.  He is truly an artist in the sense that his canvas is the face.  He creates surreal beauty.  Here are some examples of before-and-after photos of some of the every day women he worked with. Click on the images to enlarge them – you will see they have the same imperfections in their complexion that we all struggle with.  I wish all magazines showed the “before” pictures somewhere between the covers. Please show this to the young girls in your life. And make sure you take every opportunity to tell them how beautiful they are inside and out.

before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-2 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-15


before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-6 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-9 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-13 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-18 (1)



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