What’s Wrong With This Picture?


“You can’t always get what you want.
But if you try sometimes, well you might find, you get what you need.”

Writing a blog is a lot of fun.  Sometimes it can also be very amusing.

As I write each day’s entry, I search for photos to go along with the theme.  Sometimes the photos are from my own collection, but most of the time I search Google Images for my inspiration.

If you are familiar with this wonderful tool, you may also know that results are not always what you desire. Following are some examples of searches gone wrong…

While searching for “90 Day Challenge,” I got this…

90 day challenge


While searching for Accountability, I got this…



I did a search for an entry called “Experts” and got this…



While looking for info on Food Sensitivities, it gave me this…

Food Sensitivity


While writing a bit entitled “Heigh Ho” I learned that someone has a sense of humor…

heigh ho


I also learned that a few husbands might not have been totally honest about “Ice Fishing”…

ice fishing


While seeking Shepherds, well…this  (still makes me laugh)



And this “Vintage Cheerleader” seems a bit edgy for her time, wouldn’t you agree?

vintage cheerleadersPerhaps the most frustrating phenomenon is that no matter what I search for, apparently all roads lead to Kimye…here’s the result of a search for “Whole Foods”…

Whole Foods 2


Also learned a few tips along the way.  Never, and I mean “NEVER” mistype the word “Kinks” – you will get kinky and you will not appreciate the results.

And one more cool thing, type any 4 numbers, hit search and you are 99% assured of seeing a train in your results.  Go ahead, try it, you know you want to.

Happy “Hunting”.




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