The Little Things

967f93aeb95d1fa95e7ef5c8eaef3b8fAt the start of each new year we hear all the ways we can make our lives better.

Most of these suggestions revolve around our looks, some revolve around education.  It’s funny though, as I look back at years past – the things that made my life happier, better, were the little things.

The little things I remember most are the ones that touched my heart and soul for a brief moment and then were gone.

  • My small child’s hand in mine as we walked
  • Hearing the voice of a loved one on the other end of the phone
  • Hearing the laughter of a friend
  • Watching a beautiful sunrise…or sunset
  • Hearing a heart breaking sermon – those are the ones that build us up in the end
  • Listening to my husband making dinner for us
  • Having “Happy Birthday” sung to me by a bunch of teenagers (my boys)
  • Catching snowflakes on my tongue
  • Walking along the ocean while barefoot
  • Receiving a dandelion from a small child
  • Sitting around a bonfire and watching the stars reveal themselves one by one

There are too many to count but they are the moments that make up a life – that make a life good.  Treasure them up.

In the end, it won’t be the suggestions from the media that will have mattered, it will be the little whispers life has to offer that we will carry with us.



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