Cold Enough For Ya?



Time to state the obvious…it’s cold.

After living in the land of Paul Bunyan for most of my life, I’m used to the cold weather. But this weather has put the fear of God into Midwesterners of all shapes and sizes.

Our governor has decided to close all schools tomorrow because the high temperature for the day will be -18.  Yes, the high.

People are doing such things as throwing boiling water into the air to see what happens. This is what happens:



They are also putting eggs into frying pans outside to see how long it takes them to freeze solid.  It takes a few minutes.



But we are being self centered.  We are not thinking of our neighbors to the west in California who are struggling with their own frigid temperatures.  Here’s Jimmy Kimmel sharing some local weather reports.  Pray for them.  The poor things.



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