When We Was Fab

draft_lens1463402module131553731photo_12891510871980s-family2“Back then long time ago when grass was green
Woke up in a daze
Arrived like strangers in the night
Fab…long time ago when we was fab”


I’ve lived through several decades of fashion trends.  Most of them forgettable.  But there is one decade that seems to have topped them all for the decade which has the most photos that people would love to lose…and that would be the 1980’s.

Make fun of the saggy pants and underwear peeking of today, but they have nothing on the 80’s.  Here are a few cases in point…


Zubaz – the trendy man’s (or woman’s) sweat pants.

Jeffery-1-The mullet.  Business in the front, party in the back…or so some thought.

OUR-80S-Fashion-Signs-of-Our-Childhood-MemoriesThe Miami Vice effect.  A trend of not realizing that only Don Johnson looked good in these clothes.


Maternity wear of the ’80’s…none of us were aglow with impending motherhood, it was just a heap of tent-like clothing.  How lovely.

ss-110406-mall-scenes-searsmullets.ss_fullMall hair and high tops.  The higher the hair the closer to the mall…or Jersey.  Awesome!

stirrup-pants-stripStirrup pants.  The pants that only looked good on small children and Mary Tyler Moore.

Fa-P-Top10-SuperModels-1980s-480i60_480x270Aerobics wear.  This photo being exhibit A proving that even fashion models did not escape the fashion diaper.

It was a time of fun, I’ll give you that.  For us, it was the time of growing our family and trying to do it with a bit of panache.  We may have failed on the panache front, but boy we sure thought we were fab.


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