108219220“Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten”
~ Natasha Bedingfield

As we look across the threshold of another New Year’s Eve, we look ahead with promise.

Each of us hopes that what’s on the other side is better, somehow, than the year we leave behind.  The good news is that it most certainly can be…with some measures we each must take in order to make it so.

If we continue down our path doing the same things we did yesterday, then tomorrow will bear an incredible similarity to yesterday.  If we want change WE must change.  Never rely on others to cause change in your life – they are too busy with their own lives to have the focus you have.

Sit down today, before the clock strikes midnight, and write down 5 goals for yourself in the new year.  They can be as simple as cleaning out the basement and donating what you no longer need to something as tough as losing 50 pounds.  You choose.

Once you have your list, put it someplace you’ll see it every morning.  Create a list of the smaller steps you’ll need to achieve bigger things. Allow yourself the time to work on your list.  Good things take time.

Just as we hear in the song, ‘Unwritten’ we each are staring at the blank page before us. Allow the light inside which will show you the best path to follow as you pursue your goals.

No one says it better than she does so please watch her video…it’s inspiring!

Happy New Year, friends.  All the best as you write on the pages of 2014!


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