‘Splitting’ Image

splitportraitI love this picture beyond words.

Ulric Collette is a Quebec-based photographer.  His series entitled Genetic Portraits is one in which he splits family members’ faces in two and then uses Photoshop to create one new image.  This image is of his mother (age 61) and his daughter (age 12).  People have always told them that they look alike – now it is proven.

Is there someone in your family that you’ve been told you look like?  Perhaps one of your children is the spitting image of your younger self.  We have a photo of our son, Danny, that looks so much like my husband that people can’t believe their eyes.

I love the way genetics work on this level.  To able to get a glimpse of your younger or older self is a treat (in most cases).  Sometimes I look at photographs of my beloved grandma and I see myself.  She’s been gone for quite a while but this makes me feel a bit closer to her.  Below are pictures of each of us at the same age.  Always makes me smile.

Grandma and Me

I urge you to visit Collette’s website to see more – the ones with twins are especially interesting. I’m so glad he chose to undertake this project – it’s a good one.

Ulrich Collette Genetic Portraits


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