For The Purpose of Cuddling

o-DOMINIC-COMFORT-PIT-BULL-570Once upon a time there was a pit bull that nobody wanted. You may wonder why that’s unusual so I’ll ask you to continue reading.

Dominic was one of a litter of 7-week-old puppies that had been taken by police during a drug raid on a home.  I’m guessing his life, and the lives of his siblings, would not have been so great had the raid had not have happened.

Dominic ended up at the Denkai Community Veterinary Clinic, in Greeley, Colorado, which rescues domestic and farm animals.  Dominic decided he had a job to do – he would be the resident cuddler. He went against all the stereotypes assigned to pit bulls and decided to show the world just how wrong it could be.

One of the vet techs named Stephany Haswell adopted Dominic. As she worked around the veterinary office, Dominic was there too and wanted to follow her as dogs are wont to do.  As the animals came out of surgery, it was not uncommon for them to be wild, even aggressive, and bites were common.  That is until they gave Dominic a big, red pillow. As the animals went into surgery, Dominic would sit outside the door until they came out to recover – it was at that point the animal would be placed on the pillow and Dominic would cuddle with them to help them relax.  It worked.

Dominic the pitbull

Dominic doesn’t just cuddle animals, he cuddles people as well.  He found his purpose in life at an early age, if only we all could say the same.

It’s wonderful how we can learn so much from our pets…if they can take a miserable situation and turn it into a blessing…why can’t we do the same?




4 thoughts on “For The Purpose of Cuddling

  1. Dominic is too cute. He seems to be a true blessing those the dogs that frequent the Denkai Community Veterinary Clinic. It warms our heart to see that he has found a better home, where he can serve a purpose and not only be loved, but love his fellow canines. Thank you for sharing!

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