Yule Log

6a00d83451ff1869e2017ee62c481d970d-300wiIt’s a silly Christmas tradition, I realize this.

On most cable and satellite systems on Christmas Day, you can find a virtual fireplace…it’s called “Yule Log”.

It’s in the background of most of our Christmas Days photos and has become like a member of the family.  You know, that relative that sits to the side and doesn’t say much…er, anything.

Most “Yule Logs” are accompanied by classic Christmas music, an added bonus, and they run the whole day.

If you’ve never watched “Yule Log,” I urge you to look for it now – your family and friends will marvel over it.  If not, they’ll probably make jokes and that’s okay too.  Laughter is, as Martha Stewart often says, “A good thing”.

So a very Merry Christmas to you and yours and may your home be blessed with love and laughter on this day.

And may Yule Log brighten your time together.

And now, for your entertainment pleasure…


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