Shepherds Keeping Watch

shepherdThe shepherds sat in silent night,
A million brilliant stars in sight.
A peacefulness among the lambs…
A message from the great I AM!

The angels came on silent wing,
And then, a brilliant wondrous thing…
“Do not fear, we bring Good News!”
They cowered, though, they were confused.

The angels pointed to a stable,
A baby placed upon the table.
It was Messiah, they were told
They’d heard of Him from days of old.

But why did God choose them to see
The Savior of humanity?
These men who bore the filth of sheep
Were the ones, this tale to keep.

God chooses those we least expect
His message shared is oft direct.
They told of how the King was here
“It is good news, so have no fear!”

This group of beast and man and God
Beheld His first breaths on this sod.
The One who would among us dwell,
This Savior, Lord, Emmanuel.

So as we celebrate this day
Just know, He’s not so far away.
He’s by your side, your soul to keep…
You see…He loves you, little sheep.Little_Dandilion_8x10-546x410

Wishing You & Yours a Blessed & Merry Christmas!

~ Theresa Hagaman @ ChallengesChanges


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