Uncontrollable Laughter and The Art of Silliness

laughter-therapyYou’ve had them, I know it.  Those uncontrollable, unstoppable giggles that come out of nowhere.

Laughter and tears are a hair’s breadth away in our arsenal of emotions.  Sometimes the sadness is too much to bear and when we mean to show tears, we laugh.  Sometimes when we are alone on a bus, the brain re-runs a hilarious event in our lives…and we lose it.  To those around us we appear to be insane.  If only they could see what we’re seeing.

Perhaps one of the most well known bouts of this sort of laughter came at the funeral of Chuckles the Clown on the Mary Tyler Moore show.  Mary had just chastised her friends for making jokes before the funeral and then, as the service began…Mary lost it.

So what should we do when this occurs?  I say go with the flow – the harder you fight it, the worse it will get.  Snorts will erupt if you try to stifle the giggles, this is a scientific fact.

I’ve noticed that the people I love best in this world are the ones I can laugh with the most. The ones who never fail to bring a smile to my face with their silliness. Silliness is an art form and only a rare few are really good at it.

Embrace the laughter.  And the next time this happens to you in a public place, look around…someone close by will be nodding their head in understanding.  Go and sit by them.




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