Let’s Get Critical…Critical…

olivia-nj-animalNegativity.  It’s epidemic.

From the headlines we read each day to the news we watch on tv and listen to on the radio…hyper-critical.

As I was listening to yet another rant on the radio yesterday as I was making dinner…I lost my appetite.  What’s happening to us as a society?  Have we lost all sense of decorum…of tactfulness?

It’s become the popular thing to throw our popular figures (both celebrity and political) to the media lions.  We love to watch a meteoric rise, but we relish a good fall.  Who are we becoming?  Have we lost our compassion and general ability for well-wishes toward others?  It sure feels like it.

I’m not sure what the drive behind this change is, I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s a combination of the anonymity which social media allows us and the new attack media which is now in place.  Everyone seems to be required to choose a side in every issue.

I dislike this.  I dislike this a lot.  I don’t like how I feel when I am critical in my words and thoughts – I don’t like who I become.  Judgmental, stubbornly opinionated, right-fighting…none of which are uplifting qualities to possess.

What can we do, as a society to change this?  It begins with each of us, individually.  We must make the changes within ourselves in order to effect a change around us.  We need to put out words and thoughts of encouragement whenever we get the chance.  We need to stop listening to negative media – turn it off, put it down, unsubscribe.

This is a nation that has the word “indivisible” in its own pledge of allegiance.  Are we believing the words?  Living them out?  Or are we simply giving lip service.

We can do this. We really must.



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