108313424I’ve lived here in the tundra called Minnesota since I was a very small child.

There are many wonderful things about this place which are worth boasting; from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area to the many lakes and parks…beautiful indeed…in the summertime.

When the calendar turns the page to December, we all get a little loopy.  Some of us are merely counting the days until April, but many of us are giddy with hope and expectation for winter fun.

Our vocabulary changes and includes such words as “windchill” and “snow bursts” and “plowable” and “winter carnival”.  We find things to do that keep us amused and out of the house.  Things like ice fishing…



And building palaces out of ice carved from a local lake…



And snowshoe-ing…



And we talk about how cold it is…a lot.  We brag about our nose sticking closed because of the cold, “Yah, my nose froze shut, dontcha know”.


The weather forecasters become folk heroes who are beloved by children when school closings are announced.  We hang on their every word.  We must know what’s coming tomorrow – should we go get groceries in case “Snowpocalypse” is on its way?

It’s what we do to get by.  This Brrrromance we have with winter…it’s not something you’ll understand unless you are from the frozen north.  And if you are, you’re probably nodding your head and saying, “Yah.  Dat’s fer sure.”

That’s just life in a northern town…


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