The Wisdom of Dogs

225531893809428622_EQ0KJW6C_c“Dogs never bite me. Just humans.” 
 – Marilyn Monroe

I can’t imagine what our home would be like without a dog residing here as well.

After we lost our last dog, we swore that was it…no more dogs.  After a few weeks we knew we were both liars.

Over the years I’ve come to realize that our dogs have been excellent judges of character. When they warm up to someone right away, I’m pretty sure it’s okay for me to as well. They seem to sense the general personality of people pretty quickly.  They tend to try to share that knowledge with us as well, we would do well to listen.

Dogs are certainly attention hogs, they have been known to make a mess now and again, they also seem to know which items in the house are the most expensive as they seek out a chew toy; however, they’re always worth the cost.

Dogs love us unconditionally.  Whether we’re in a good mood or a bad one, they still offer us kisses.  And I don’t know about your canine pals, but ours smile.  They have moods and they express them in their body language.  I think the reason people are so attached to their pets is that, no matter what we do, they will always, always love us.

I’m sure all you cat lovers have wonderful things to say about your pets as well, but we are a “dog” family and probably always will be.

And as it is often pointed out, dog is God spelled in reverse.  I’m thinking that’s for a very good reason.


2 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Dogs

  1. Amen to that, sista!!!! There is great wisdom in dogs. You can smell a rat…if we all sniffed one another’s butts, we would know who to trust and who to toss to the curb. Just sayin’.

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