Grown up Christmas List

FIO_039“So here’s my lifelong wish
My grown-up Christmas list
Not for myself
                                                   But for a world in need”                                                                          – by Amy Grant

It’s that time of year again…family and friends are asking what we’d like for Christmas.

Most of us are fortunate enough not to “need” anything, so we run through our mental inventory and see if there’s something we would like.  A new bathrobe (I have 3), perfume (don’t wear it), clothes (I have plenty), a new kitchen gadget (I have several in the pantry that I still haven’t used).  So what would be the perfect reply to this question?

How about sending them this short note?

Hello my dearest loved one…As snow begins to drift

It’s time again when you would know what I’d like as a gift.

The gifts you’ve given in the past continue to be treasured,

The care you took selecting them just really can’t be measured.

But as we celebrate anew I have a small request,

There really is a gift I’d like, the one I’d love the best.

I ask if you would take the funds you’ve set aside for me

And rather than a gift with bows, give to a charity.

Make it one that helps the most or one that helps a few,

Think of one that means a lot, one that touches you.

Feed some hungry souls in need or help retired vets,

Help to buy a new, warm coat or help some lonely pets.

I have been blessed abundantly and just don’t need a thing

It’s a season of love, a season to share, a season about the King.

I love you so and want to say a “thank you” in advance,

I see your loving heart each day, now other’s have the chance.

So as we celebrate this year, we’ll do it knowing this…

The gifts bestowed were needed most. 

Love, Me

– Merry Christmas!


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