old-ladyYou cannot open a magazine or turn on the television without seeing a miracle cure for wrinkles.

I happen to go to a health club in which there is a spa.  Within the spa, the amount of money one can spend on skin rejuvenation is mind boggling.  While I am not counted among the ranks, many spend thousands monthly on trying to erase the lines that life has put upon their faces.  Thousands!

The only thing I’ve ever used on my face is soap, water and Oil of Olay.

We, as women, need to stop focusing on removing the things that make us…well…US.  We earned every line that is on our face.  Those lines are caused by smiles, tears, worries, laughter, and vacations in the sun (yes, wear sunscreen).  The only thing you need to do is drink a lot of water – water is the cheapest and most effective skin enhancer.  Well, water and smiling.  Smiling has the same effect.

So instead of looking in the mirror at all the things you wish you could change – look into your eyes and see if they are “smiling”.  I bet they are.  If they are, count yourself blessed and stop looking for flaws.  If they are not, fixing a few wrinkles isn’t going to make a difference.  Figure out what the problem is and then fix that.

If people are said to wear their heart upon their sleeves, faces are wearing their soul upon their surface.

You can’t buy contentment.  No specialist can put a truly peaceful look upon your face because it comes from within – not from a Botox vial.

Wear your wrinkles proudly, you earned each and every one.  And, to paraphrase Mark Twain, a wrinkle can only go where a smile has been.


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