Tomorrow’s You

463fe78961e669e9f2ec7d7af1639816Regret is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

The problem with harboring regrets is that you are powerless over them, there’s nothing you can do about them – what’s done is done.

I once had a creative writing project in which I had to write a letter of advice to my younger self.  What advice would I have given to myself if I could have gone back and done so?  While this is a clever idea, and was pretty fun to do, it wasn’t very constructive.

It got me to wondering about things I COULD do to help my future self – if that makes sense – because that WOULD be constructive.  So I decided to write a letter.

(To be opened and read 11/26/2014)

Dear Future Me:

I hope that you are happy and that you have found a greater purpose for your days.  I hope you are surrounded by friends and family and love.  I hope that you are healthy and fit and free of worry.

Since I realize that there may have been some hard times in this last year, I also hope that you have been able to find peace through it all.

I have some things I am working at improving and I’m hoping and praying that you stuck with them and have achieved some goals.  Here are the things I hope you followed through on:

  • Following a healthier way of eating.  Incorporating mostly plants and protein while dropping the processed foods completely.
  • Continuing to exercise at least 5 days a week and working extra steps into your day whenever possible.
  • Finishing up and launching your new website – learning how to maintain it yourself.
  • Challenging yourself to learn something new that is a little intimidating (i.e. Java Script)
  • Reaching out to new friends in a faith community.
  • Letting go of the things that stress you out the most.
  • Praying more.
  • Telling your friends and family how much you love and appreciate them by sending notes and cards frequently.  (Written words matter more than emails)
  • Being positive about situations when being negative feels easier.
  • Getting that book you wrote ready to send to a publisher.
  • Finding a new place to call home


You (on 11/26/2013)

I challenge each of you to do this.  I challenge you to look at the things over the past year that you regret not doing and to do them in the year to come.  Don’t wait for New Year’s Day to resolve to change – do it TODAY.

Put your letter in an envelope and put it in a place where you will see it often, but don’t open it for a year.

Create a little sign to put on your refrigerator with key words from your list.  Mine says this:


Here’s to the future “US” and that we reach all of our goals and follow our own advice. After all, we have our own best interests at heart – let’s listen this time and put some action in those things we hope for. You can do this!



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