What Counts

count1_610x316What are you counting in your life?

Everyday, life happens. Some of the happenings are joyful, some are not.  When we breathe our way through the day, we take a lot of mental notes.  I believe that those of us who count the joys are much more content than those of us who only count the raindrops.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve met many people and I love to learn what it is that makes them tick.  I love the ones who radiate joy and positivity – especially the ones who aim to spread it around.

We all know people like that, when they enter a space…it changes.  It becomes more positive, lighter, brighter and when they leave, it seems to be a little colder than it was when they first arrived.  So what it is it that causes that?  Can we be like that?

I think the things that set people such as those apart from the rest are these:

  • They care more about you than they do themselves
  • They are genuine in their warmth
  • They look for the positives in every situation
  • They don’t speak negatively about others
  • They don’t seek to impress
  • They are comfortable in their own skin
  • They have a pure spirit – uncolored by pessimism
  • They are really glad to be with you
  • They are encouragers…always
  • They don’t complain..they count their blessings instead
  • They count the rainbows rather than the thunderstorms

So, the answer is…yes, we can be like that.  It probably will involve a paradigm shift.  The good thing is, if you know someone who is like this – they can become the pattern you follow.

It’s all about choices.  It’s all about deciding what to count in life.

I choose rainbows.

p.s.  Please let your encouragers know what an impact they’ve had on your life – do it today.



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