The Doctor (Who?)

Dr-Who-11-620x349For those of you who aren’t fans of The Doctor, my apologies…for the rest of you…it’s Timey-Wimey.

It’s the 50th Anniversary of The Doctor’s first appearance.  Since then, he’s worn many faces and had many, many adventures.  Tonight, the British Sci Fi show will have its anniversary episode broadcast in several countries and, for some, in 3D.

This is a long awaited event for those who love the Doctor Who series, for the rest of you…it’s another day to get some Christmas shopping done. Sad indeed.

Science fiction is a wonderful genre because there are no rules whatsoever.  The tales can take you to any time and any place and even to a few places that aren’t.  It allows us to release a little of the internal geek that some of us try so hard to keep undercover.

If you are able to watch BBC America – it will be on tonight.  If you are not – check out your TiVo or other such device and search for a few Dr. Who episodes.  Watch them.  Watch many of them.

Afterwards, let me know which Doctor you love best.  For me it’s the 10th.

Hoping that your day is adventurous and Dalek free.


2 thoughts on “The Doctor (Who?)

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