The Moral of the Story

tortoise_hare_03When I was a child, I heard many stories with a moral at the end.  I always wondered why they didn’t just put the moral at the beginning and save us all a lot of trouble.

The funny thing about stories with morals is that the moral doesn’t hit home unless you see the whole story.  A tortoise wins a race?  So what.  The fox gets a piece of cheese from a crow?  Whoop-de-doo.

See what I mean?  Without the lessons learned, exposed, we learn nothing.

As we go through life we make mistakes.  It’s completely up to us whether we learn from those mistakes or not.  If we’re wise and we learn something, we are most likely never to repeat them again.  If we’re foolish and we expect a more positive outcome the next time, we will most certainly repeat and repeat and repeat them.

Life lessons are presented to us each day.  In most cases, we don’t recognize them as learning experiences until the end of the story.  This is a natural progression.  We know what we know when we know it, and not before.  Just as I was mistaken in assuming I could learn the lesson before I HAD the lesson, so are we mistaken in assuming that we know it all before we KNOW it.  Life is humbling on purpose.  We are meant to be humbled beings, it’s safer that way.

Don’t speed through life, always trying to keep one step ahead of your mistakes…always trying to beat the system…because, eventually, life will catch up and teach you a humdinger of lesson.

Aesop was right…slow and steady really does win the race. Just ask a tortoise.




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