Bat Kid Saves Gotham!

batkidWhen I first heard about this story earlier this week, it re-enforced the reasons why I love San Francisco so much.

A little boy named Miles Scott made a wish…he wished he was Bat Man.

Make-A-Wish heard about his request and decided that, with the help of a whole city, they were going to make it happen.  Miles became Bat Man (er, Bat Kid) yesterday as San Francisco was transformed into the city of Gotham.  Bat Man himself helped Miles fight such villains as The Riddler and Penguin.  They also rescued a damsel in distress.

At the end of their adventure-filled day, they arrived at city hall where Miles received the key to the city.  A plane flew overhead carrying the message “Wishes do come true SF Batkid.”

I realized this is the dream of a whole bunch of kids, to be a super hero who does good for others. After battling a real life villain in the form of leukemia – and winning that battle, there was another victory here.  The victory of a village coming together to make a dream come true for a little boy and finding their own heroism in the process.

Never, ever, ever underestimate the power of a wish.


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