Where did all the holidays go?

Greed1I was a child of the 60’s.

Back in the day, stores didn’t decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving had passed.  In early September, this year, I walked through an upscale store as they were putting the Christmas – I mean “holiday” – decorations up.  I groaned and the worker bees said, “Avert your gaze…sorry.”  They weren’t really sorry.

When did it become popular to override one holiday with the one that comes before?  Are we in such a rush as a society that we cannot allow things to flow in a natural order, or is it  a symptom of something much worse?

When stores began staying open on Christmas Eve, it was a HUGE deal.  People screamed and protested and wrote letters until…well, nothing happened.  Now the stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day because, “Our employees and our customers asked for us to do so”.  Really?!  I don’t know of any employees asking to take time away from their families in the interest of corporate greed.  Where are they?

And why is it that those who decide to take away the holidays, a slice at a time, are not working alongside those employees on those days?  Hmm.

I, for one, do not shop on Thanksgiving, Black Friday (appropriately named for OH so many reasons), or Christmas Eve.  I am one, however, who has to celebrate without a few family members who have to work on those days.  It was not a choice – it was mandated.

So the next time society asks, “What is wrong with our families?” remember that we who choose to participate are a part of the problem.

Just stay home and eat some more pie, or better yet, spend some face time with your loved ones. Keep that time sacred – it matters more than you know.


2 thoughts on “Where did all the holidays go?

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