Everyday Heroes

Norris in action (2)Walking among us are heroes.

Not the kind who wear a cape or the kind with special powers, just the ones who have done extraordinary things for strangers.

These heroes are the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces. They unselfishly walked away from home in order to keep the homes of those they love, and those they don’t even know, safe.

They traveled to strange countries with strange customs and helped people in those places as well.  Sometimes they were welcomed, sometimes they were not.  Yet, no matter the circumstance, they served.

My dad was in the Air Force during the Korean War.  He’s the one you see in the photo. He was a gunner, he was a sergeant – he was, and still is, my hero.  He rarely talks about his time of service, but when he does share, it is often harrowing and frightening.  They had so many close calls that he still does not like to fly.

Those who are currently serving today are serving in a world with more technology than ever – but they are also serving in a world in which our country is not seen as the champion it once was.

As we remember the veterans today on our country’s Veteran’s Day, we need to thank them, support them, pray for them and honor them.

Heroes are not the actors and sports figures that the media so loves to elevate one day and tear down the next.  Heroes are those ordinary people placed in extraordinary circumstances who willingly stand between danger and us.

No cape required.


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