200405140-001Did you know that dandelions were reportedly brought to the United States on the Mayflower?  It wasn’t an accidental passage, it was intentional.  They were used for their medicinal uses, their nutritional value and their beauty.  It was only when the cultivation of the lawn became more important than their use that they became a bane.

It’s ingenious, the way they scatter.  Carried by the wind on parachutes of white.  Who among us hasn’t scattered the seeds of this flower?

Today I heard a beautiful message about being scattered like seeds.  It was presented as a challenge to us, the seeds, as to what we will do when we land in a place.  Will we be productive or will we wither and die?

It’s a choice, really, when we are someplace we didn’t intend to be.  It could be due to a family move, an obligation, a job…but here we are.  Now what?

There is no place you can be in which you cannot be useful in some way.  Look around – where is there a need?  Is it at the neighborhood school?  At the local food shelf?  Is it your elderly neighbor who needs some assistance…some company?

We only live a short time on this planet, that’s one thing we all have in common.  It’s not what we achieve and accumulate in life that matters most, it’s what we do where we are planted that counts.


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