belovedSome days we feel unlovable.

Some days we cannot imagine that there is any good within us – nothing to give, nothing that anyone would want.  Those are the days we must remember one thing – we have never been unloved.

The wonderful thing about being loved is that it’s not up to us who loves us – it’s up to them.  They get to decide for themselves.  They may see things in us that we cannot see anymore or have ever seen.  They are looking at our heart.

I think it’s a pretty wise thing that true love cannot be purchased – it must be given.  There’s all kinds of false love out there – lust and greed and feelings of obligation that wear the mask of “love” – but they are not really love.

That kind of love has no patience, no kindness…it is self serving.

To be called a ‘beloved’ one is a big deal. It is a gift we must accept and cherish.

When this acceptance comes, we can do what the title itself proclaims, we can allow ourselves to finally be loved.



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