hope-in-focusOne thing that every person who has ever lived has in common is that we all hope.

I realize that there are some who live in such deplorable conditions that all seems hopeless, yet deep inside is that tiniest spark of what could come tomorrow.

I’ve read the stories of prisoners of war and the one thread that runs through the stories of those who lived to tell is a thread of hope.  They survived, not in the moment, but in the memories they carried with them and the dreams for a tomorrow yet to blossom.

Most of us will live our lives without knowing the pain and suffering such circumstances bring, but even those of us who live a very average life have a promise to hold close. When we feel like life is just a machine that keeps chugging along, never changing, never challenging us – we have this to grasp:

Some of the best days of your life have not yet happened.

It doesn’t matter what our age or life circumstances are – we cannot know what is to come.  Oftentimes people believe they’d like to know their future – I never would.  To know what the future holds is to remove the hope we keep inside.

Remember when you were a kid and you found all of your Christmas gifts early?  At the moment it was great – you were so clever to find them.  Yet, as the day approached, the joy and anticipation were not present.  You weren’t so clever after all.

So when you are feeling low and thinking your best days are behind you, rest in the promise that you cannot know that.  You never know what’s just around the corner – keep walking.


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