angry snowman bI hate snow.

There, I said it.

I live in Minnesota and I should know better than to expect a delay, but it’s back…and I am not happy about it.

I’ve lived here since I was a very small child and I don’t believe I’ve ever embraced the cold weather.  I don’t ski, I don’t snowboard, I don’t build snowmen…I pout.

Somehow I think I landed in the wrong place, I think I should have lived by the ocean. When I am near the ocean I feel a sense of peace and serenity that I’ve never felt in this place.  I feel at home. I feel warm.

Yet, nearly everyone I love lives here and will probably be here for a very, very long time. So I’ve learned to make the best of it and, most winters, I’m usually able to escape to someplace tropical for a short time.  It keeps me sane.

So for those of you who cannot wait for the white stuff to start falling, remember this…here in Minnesota we only had four months without snow this year.  You may applaud, I close the curtains and make a cup of hot chocolate…with marshmallows, of course.


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