10 Years

WS_FEMAIL_WATER_2.jpgThis is Sarah.  She is 42 years old and she did something that took 10 years off of her facial appearance.  Guess what it was?

Sarah was suffering from headaches and digestion problems.  She just wasn’t feeling well.  Her doctor told her that she needed to drink more water.  So she did.

Doctors will tell you that, when you are dehydrated (which many of us are), that your body will pull the water it needs from your body tissue.  The places which will show the biggest change are facial tissues.  Under the eyes, around the lips…noticeable.

For those who are already well-hydrated, the results will not be very noticeable, but for the rest of us – it’s worth a try.

I was visiting with a friend yesterday and mentioned that the one thing I knew I was not doing was drinking enough water.  I am going to give it a try.  The nutritionist suggested drinking one ounce for every pound of body weight that I carry.  She also said that it should be water, not tea or juice or flavored drinks.

If you want to join me please do – but take a photo of your face today before you start.  Let’s see if we can make a change in our appearance with such a simple fix.  Your body will thank you.



2 thoughts on “10 Years

  1. This is fantastic! I saw Tyler Tolman share this same story on twitter. I go by the general rule of one litre of water to every 22kgs of body mass. Water is so important in maintaining good health and healthy skin too. Great blog. Jess 🙂

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