What Once Was Lost

712115357_tpMy dad is a genealogist.  Not by profession, but by passion.

Through his decades of research and digging, he has revealed our family history – layer by layer – back to the 1600’s.  This is no easy feat, let me tell you.  He was moderately sure that he had found just about everything there was to find in the archaeological dig that is historical research…he was, surprisingly, incorrect.

A few days ago he received an email from a distant relative on my mother’s side who is a part of the Crosby roots.  She had just been informed that someone recently sold an ancient family bible on ebay and she was distraught that it had left the family.

There must be a little Sherlock Holmes in me as I began doing my own digging. I was on a mission to find that bible that had been lost.

Guess what?  Found it!

I was able to find the bible which had been purchased and re-listed for sale.  With the help of my brother we were able to purchase it again and bring it back into the family fold.

This bible is in very bad shape on the outside.  The cover is crumbling, a few of the pages are missing…but for a bible that goes back to 1772…not so bad after all.  Within the pages are family history which covers the American Revolution.

History, as you may have guessed, is near the top of the list in my family.  We think roots are very important and we know ours well; however, we are hoping to learn a few new things about our family tree through this amazing find.

What once was lost indeed was found.  How apropos.


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