The Other Side of the Dot

about-usIf you look at your life as you would look at a timeline, it is filled with dots.

Some of the dots are celebrations, many of the dots are average, nothing special, days. Every now and then there are dots that resemble a solar eclipse – blocking out all of the light. Days filled with darkness and difficulty and pain.

Those days are the most difficult to shake off.  They are painful and burdensome times that we’d rather forget, yet there they are – dots on the line.

As you travel the path of your life, you will meet people who have experienced similar “dots” in their lives.  They can help you get to the other side of the dot.  They can tell you how they were able to overcome and move past the painful times.  You can look at them and think, “If they did it, so can I”.   They will help you if you ask.   Ask.

Someday someone else will come along – probably on one of your average, nothing special, days.  They will need you to help them get to the other side of the dot they are currently standing upon.  Help them.

Take the time to share your experiences.  Don’t sugar coat them – be truthful.  Don’t say such things as, “this too shall pass”, but rather, “this is hard, let me help you move past this.”

I believe our experiences along this time line of life are not accidental.  I believe that every experience – yes, every one – can be used for good.  The experiences you conquered while in a state of brokenness can be used to help someone who is hurting get to the other side of their own dot.

Enjoy the ordinary ones – and the next time a big, dark dot comes along – remember that you are strong enough to get past it.  You’ve done it before one step at a time.



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